Đề thi Ngoại ngữ vào lớp 6 Trần Đại Nghĩa năm 2012-2013


Look at the words in the box. Choose the correct words and write them on the lines. There is one example.

Chocolate      a donkey      a towel              rain                   a calendar            a horse

The chemist’s           an apartment                 sunshine     an anthem                 traffic                           news

A mechanic               maths                  an envelope               a dictionary            nurses          a stadium


Example: This food is usually brown. You can eat or drink it.       _________chocolate__________.

  1. You can buy medicines and toothbrushes from this shop.  ___________________________.
  2. Many people live in this kind of home. All the room are

usually on the same floor.                                                    ___________________________

3. You can dry yourself with this when you are wet

after a bath or shower.                                                        ____________________________

4. People use this kind of book to find the meaning of a word or phrase.                                                            ____________________________

5. This is an interesting subject, but sometimes pupils find it rather difficult.                                                        _____________________________

6. These people wear uniforms and they help the sick.         ______________________________

7. When there are black clouds and wind, this is going to happen. _________________________

8. This is where soccer games take place.                             _____________________________

9. You can use this to know about months, dates, and day.    _____________________________

10. You sing this song at the beginning of the week

in the school yard.                                                          ________________________________

11. People used this animal to travel from place to place

And now you can see this animal at races.                    ________________________________

12. There are a lot of cars and bikes in it. At rush hours

it often makes you feel annoyed.                               _____________________________

13. We put a letter or a card in this before we post it.                    _____________________________

14. You can read this in the paper, or hear it on TV or radio.  _____________________________

15. This person helps you to fix machines in the house or your motorbikes.                                                         ______________________________


Read the conversation and choose the best answer. Write a letter (A-J)for each answer. You do not need to use all the letters. There is one example.

Receptionist: Dr. Young, this is Ms. West.

Ms. West:    _________(E)___________

Dr. Young: Hello, Ms. West. How are you today?

Ms. West:  _______________________________

  1. Yes. Don’t work too hard
  2. Don’t ask me!
  3. I don’t think so. It’s not serious.
  4. You’re welcome! Good bye.
  5. Hello, De Young.
  6. Will it take long?
  7. Let’s go to the cinema.
  8. I’m going o give you some pills.
  9. And don’t drink tea, coffee, or soda.
  10. Not so good.
  11. I don’t know. I just can’t sleep at night.
  12. I’m exhausted.
  13. Take one pill every night after dinner.

Dr. Young:  So, what’s wrong, exactly?

Ms. West:  _____________________________

Dr. Young: Why are you so tired?

MS. West: _____________________

Dr. Young: OK. Let’s take a look at you.

Ms. West: __________________

Dr. Young: No, it won’t. Don’t worry.

A few minutes later…….

Ms. West: Pills? Ah, yes, Dr Young.

Dr Young:___________________

Ms. West: Ok

Dr. young:__________________

Ms. West: Anything else?

Dr. Young: __________________

MS. West: All right. Do I need to come back?

Dr. Young: _______________________

Ms. West: Thank you very much, Dr Young.

Dr. Young:_________________

Ms. West: Thanks again. You’ve been so kind.


Read the text. Choose the right words and write them on the lines. There is one example.


“ I had an awful weekend. My friend and ____I_______ went to a rock concert. I had a terrible time! (1)_______________took three hours to drive there. I didn’t like the (2)_______________ at all! And after the concert ended, (3)________________ car broke down. I called my parents, and they (4)_____________ and got us. We finally got (5)_________________ at ten this morning. I’m so tired”.


“ I had a great weekend. I went to my (6)________friend Helen’s birthday party. She held (7)____________ party at home. All her best friends (8)_____________family were here. She looked  fantastic! She wore a beautiful dress. They served us a wonderful (9)______________. I’m really happy (10)_______________________her.”


“I had an interesting weekend. I went camping for the first (11)________________. My friends took me. We left (12)__________Saturday and drove to the campsite. First, we put up the tent. (13)_____________ we built a fire, cooked the dinner, and told stories. We got up early on Sunday morning and went (14)______________ I caught a fish! I don’t really like camping, but I learn a (15)_______________from the last camping trip.”

Example (0)     I                                   me                               my

(1)         There                           It                                  They

(2)         film                              game                            music

(3)         our                               their                             your

(4)         ate                                shouted                                    came

(5)         work                            home                           best

(6)         better                           more                            best

(7)         an                                any                              the

(8)         or                                 and                              but

(9)         meal                             bread                           coffee

(10)            at                                for                               from

(11)            time                            minute                         hour

(12)            at                                on                                in

(13)            then                            follow                          last

(14)           dancing                                    shopping                      fishing

(15)           few                              most                             lot


Read the letter and write the missing words. Write one word on each line. There is one example.

Dear Peter,

I’m sorry you _______could________ not come to my party yesterday. Mike told me you had (1)__________very bad cold and you (2)____________ to stay in bed. (3)_____________ you feeling better now? I hope you are fine.

(4)________________was a very good party; (5)___________nicest I have ever had! Lots of my friends were (6)__________________and they gave me some lovely presents. I will (7)______________ you more about the party (8)_________________ you come to school o Monday. And, remember we (9)_________________ homework to do. If you have any difficult, tell me and I am ready to (10)____________ you,




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