BTVN ngày 24/6/2012

457. _ What’s your father’s name ?

    _ ______ name is Hung.

A. He                                       B. His

C. She                                      D. Her

458. _ What _____ those, Bin ?

    _ They’re armchairs.

A. does                                    B. do

C. is                                         D. are

459. How many windows _____ in your class ?

A. are there                                       B. there are

C. there isn’t                           D. there aren’t

460. They often play soccer in the ______ .

A. school gate                          B. schoolyard

C. schoolmate                          D. schoolwork

461. Which word has three syllables ?

A. table                                    B. telephone

C. window                               D. bench

462. Those ______ pens and pencils.

A. is                                         B. are

C. has                                      D. have

463. Which word is the odd one out ?

A. couch                                  B. living room

C. table                                    D. armchair

464. _ What is it ?

      _ It’s an _____ .

A.armchair                              B. television

C. table                                    D. bookself

465. How  many syllables are there in the word television?

A. one                                      B. two

C. three                                    D. bench

466. Complete the square.

small large




A. heavy                                  B. large

C. difficuilt                              D. good

467. _ _______

      _ No, he isn’t. He’s in the English class.

A. Is Bob in the English class?         B. Is Bob from Italy ?

C. Is Bob in the Frech class ? D. Is Exnglish difficuilt ?

468. _ Are  you in my history class ?


 Yes, I _____ .

A. ’m                                       B. am

C. ’re                                       D. A & B

469. Which sentence is  correct ?

A. Please no eat in class          B. Please don’t eat in class.

C.  Please no to eat in class.    D. Please don’t to eat in class.

470. What _____ your favorite food ?

 A. is                                                 B. are

C. does                                    D. do


471. I’m not good _____ Frech.

A. at                                        B. on

C. for                                       D. by

472. What’s the matter?

A. All right.                                       B. Don’t bother.

C. Nothing.                                       D. Fine, thanks.

473. Which word is the odd one out ?

A. bed                                      B. table

C. window                               D. chair

474. Which word contains a different sound from the others ?

A. high                                    B. wide

C. fine                                      D. sit

475. The children wake _____ early in the morning.

A. off B. to

C. up D. out

476. _ What’s the date today ?

    _ It is _____ June.

A. twelve B. twelfth

C. twelve of D. the twelfth of

477. _ How many windows are there in your house ?

    _ ______ six.

A. There is                               B. There are

C.There  has                                      D. There  have

478. _ _____ is Phong ?

    _ He’s in the livingroom.

A. When                                  B. Where

C. Who                                    D. What

479. Which verb adds _ es in the third person ?

A. go                                       B. write

C. sleep                                   D. tell

480. ______ a clock in your room ?

A. Are there                             B. Is there

C. Have there                          D. Has there

481. Put these sentences in the correct order to make a conversation.

a. Her name’s Julie.


b. She’s a nurse.

c. Who’s  that ?

d. What’s her  name ?

e. What does she do ?

f. That’s  my sister.

A. d-e-a-b-f-c                           B. b-a-f-d-e-c

C. c-f-d-a-e-b                           D. e-f-d-b-a-c

482. This is Mr. Ba and _____ students.

A. him                                     B. his

C. he                                        D. _

483. How old are _____, Trung and Minh ?

A. we                                       B. he

C. she                                                D. you

484. twenty _ five _ eight = ______ .

A. five                                     B. six

C. seven                                   D. eight

485. Complete the square.

hours clock




A. day                                     B. calendar

C. moon                                  D. year

486. Which word is the odd one out ?

A. book                                   B. magazine

C. record                                 D. newspaper

487. I _____ old clothes  when working in the garden.

A . carry                                  B. do on

C. wear                                    D. dress

488. _ What ______ ?

      _ Beautiful.

A. the wearther is like             B. is the wearther like

C. weather is it like                  D. like is the weather

489. How _____ your brother’s name?

A. do you spell                        B. is  the spelli ng of

C. to writing                            D. write

490. Which sentence is correct ?

A. Are these your luggage ?    B. Is your luggage this one ?

C. Is this your luggage ?                   D. Are these your luggage ?





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